2 million annual export of orchid in Nanjing to Korea and Japan

- Jan 25, 2018-

The first Jiangning Orchid exhibition in Jiangning District, 28th, held in Nanjing, Taiwan Farmers Pioneering park, the exhibition has exhibited more than 150 kinds of fine orchids. Reporter learned from the exhibition, jiangning Taiwan to introduce cloning technology, the annual export of orchids has reached 2 million strains, foreign exchange of about 3 million U.S. dollars.

Orchids are noble and elegant symbol, and "plum, bamboo, chrysanthemum" tied, collectively known as the "Four gentlemen." jiangning Taiwan Chuang Yuan Orchid Exhibition site, all kinds of orchids into the Sea of flowers: in color, there are yellow, white, red, pink, green, purple, red like fire, white like snow, powder like Chardonnay, from the variety points, there are Phalaenopsis, Clivia, Oncidium, Cattleya, Vanda and Chunlan, Cymbidium, Cold Orchid, Cymbidium, Whelan, such as 10 great powers of blue. The scene is colorful, not lively.

So many orchids gathered, thanks to the Taiwan Development Park in recent years continued to introduce cloning technology, and increase the independent research efforts, so that the cost of orchids dropped significantly. In a corner of the exhibition, the park shows the technology and process of orchid tissue culture, the exhibition shelves are placed on a glass bottle, the bottle has a few centimeters tall small seedlings. Small seedlings gradually grew up, transplanted into a small basin to continue to cultivate, grow into seedlings, large seedlings until flowering.

"An orchid is bred from a breeding plant to flowering, and the whole cycle takes 3 years." "Nanjing Hao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of the Chen building site introduction, the park in the past two years, the introduction of cloning technology, in high-quality orchid parent cut flower bud, put into the culture medium, the quality of the orchid plant, long flowering, by South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other places consumers love

Most of the orchids exhibited at the orchid show include some new varieties, which are cultivated independently by Taiwan Chuang Yuan. For example, this year's newly cultivated iceberg beauty orchid, color with powder, long flowering, small peacock flower, petals inside the pattern like peacock, evil spirit is lovely, room temperature 15 ℃ above flowering can reach 6 months.

Jiangning Taiwan to create a park related to the responsible person, this year the park around the development of flower industry, successfully declared the "National key flower culture demonstration base" to create a national key flower culture industry core. At the same time, Flower Park year-round flower seedlings retail wholesale sales breakthrough 900 million yuan, the annual export of 2 million butterfly Orchid, earning about 3 million U.S. dollars.

Chen, said the export of orchids, the supply of South Korea to small seedlings, the supply of Japanese to fresh cut flowers mainly. Among them, the Taiwan Chuang Yuan annual exports of about 800,000 South Korean seedlings, exports accounted for South Korea's imports of 30%, has become the largest supplier of Korean imports of orchids. "10 cm primary seedling export price of 1.5 U.S. dollars, net profit of about 0.5 U.S. dollars." ”

Small orchid, has become a Taiwan Chuang Park characteristics of enriching the industry. Reporter learned that Taiwan Chuang Park to "Park + Company + cooperatives + family farm + farmers" way, radiation around the region, driving the entire Nanjing agricultural varieties, new technology popularization, directly led to more than 300 households planted more than 1000 acres of orchids, flower growers up to more than 1000 households, planting a variety of flowers 20,000 acres, A large number of farmers into the second, tertiary industry, economic benefits significantly.