Application of Sulcotrione + Atrazine + Fumisulfurone

- Apr 28, 2018-

Dosage: 1 box (100 ml of jade three gold +100 ml companion), against two barrels of water spray an acre of land.

Usage: Jade three gold is a super efficient herbicide, so it must be diluted twice.

1. First three gold and herbal medicine into the pot filled with water, and mix well;

2. The pesticide into the pot filled with half a bucket of water, filled with water, and stir evenly. 

3. Pressure down the nozzle and directional spray between the line in the maize 3-5 leaf stage and weeds 2-4 leaf stage.

Note: Be careful not to spray the corn leaves.

●For crops: Corn field

●Control object:For grassy weed, such as barnyard grass,green bristlegrass etc.

                 For broadleaf weed, such as broadleaf weed,wild cotton,acalypha australis etc.

                 For sedge weed, such as cyperus rotundus etc.