Precautions when using Haloxyfop-P

- Apr 23, 2018-

1. If there is rain within 1 hour, do not apply drugs. Safe for broad-leaved crops and no adverse effects on post-grain crops

2. When mixed with broad-leaf herbicides, the amount of effective herbicidal energy can be increased and the amount of broad-leaf herbicide can be reduced to avoid antagonism and reduce the harm of the mixture. It is advisable to conduct tests prior to mixing to determine the amount of effective herbicides and broad-leaf herbicides used in combination.

3, when spraying pesticides to avoid the corn, rice, wheat and other crops, so as not to produce injury

4, crop harvesting / SPAN> 60 days to stop medication

5. The liquid in the liquid medicine and washing container cannot flow into rivers, ponds, fish ponds, so as not to pollute the water, poisoning fish and shrimp

6. If you accidentally contaminate your eyes or skin with liquids, rinse your eyes with plenty of water and wash your skin with soapy water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Do not feed unconscious people.