The application of Urea

- Apr 01, 2018-

It can be used as a raw material for the production of various products such as melamine, urea formaldehyde, hydrazine hydrate, tetracycline, phenobarbital, caffeine, reduced brown BR, indigo blue B, indigo blue Bx, and monosodium glutamate.

Adjust the amount of flowers

In order to overcome the size of apple fields, in the case of young age, 5-6 weeks after flowering (the critical period of apple flower bud differentiation, the growth of new shoots is slow or stopped, and the nitrogen content of leaves declines). Foliar application of 0.5% urea solution Even spraying twice can increase the nitrogen content of leaves and accelerate the growth of shoots to inhibit flower bud differentiation, so that the amount of flowers in the new year is appropriate.

Thinning and fruit thinning

The flower of peach tree is sensitive to urea, but the reaction on the surface is dull. Therefore, foreign countries used urea to test peach and nectarine, and the results showed that the fruiting and fruit thinning of peach and nectarine requires a greater concentration. (7.4%) can show good results. The most suitable concentration is 8%-12%. Within 1-2 weeks after spraying, the purpose of thinning and fruit thinning can be achieved. However, under different land conditions, the reaction of different periods and different species still needs further tests.

Rice Seed Production

In the hybrid rice seed production technique, in order to increase the outcrossing rate of the parents, and to increase the hybrid rice seed production or the sterility breeding amount, the mothers are generally sprayed with a toxanosin to reduce the degree of parenting or The complete withdrawal; or the parental spray, adjust the growth of the two, to synchronize their flowering. As gibberellic acid is more expensive, its cost for seed production is high. People experimented with urea instead of gibberellin, and used 1.5%-2% urea during the progesterone panicle and heading stage (20% heading). The effect of this multiplication was similar to that of gibberellin and did not increase the plant height.

Pest control

Using urea, washing powder, and fresh water 4:1:400, stir and mix to prevent pests on fruit trees, vegetables, cotton, aphids, red spider, cabbage caterpillars, etc. The insecticidal effect is over 90%.

Urea iron fertilizer

Urea forms chelated iron with Fe2+ in the form of a complex. This organic iron fertilizer has a low cost, and it has a good effect in preventing iron deficiency and chlorosis. In addition, when 0.3% urea was added when 0.3% ferrous sulfate was sprayed on the leaves, the effect of preventing and controlling chlorosis was better than that of single-spraying 0.3% ferrous sulfate.

Urea is an excellent dye solvent/moisture absorbent/viscose expansion agent in the textile industry due to its excellent dissolving dye properties, mild reducibility/antioxidation, and excellent moisture absorption (see attached table). Resin finishes have a wide range of uses.

The hygroscopicity of urea in the textile industry compared to other moisture absorbers: weight ratio to itself.