Using method of Haloxyfop-P

- Apr 23, 2018-

High-efficiency flupirtine can control annual and perennial weeds such as wild oats, scallions, crabgrass, setaria, goosegrass, aphrys, hardgrass, dry brome, reeds, bermuda root, false sorghum, etc. Broad-leaved weeds and sedges are not effective

(1) Control annual grass weeds, apply at the 3-5 leaf stage of weeds, use 10.8% of fluphanopyrrolidone emulsifiable concentrate 20-30 ml, watering 20-25 kg, evenly spray weed stems and leaves . When the weather is dry or the weeds are large, the dosage must be increased to 30-40 ml, and the water volume must be increased to 25-30 kg.

(2) For controlling perennial grasses such as Phragmites australis, Imperata cylindrica, and Bermudagrass, the dosage of mu is 60-80 ml of 10.8% high-efficiency fluphanopyrrolone EC and 25-30 kg of water. In the first application 1 month after the application of 1 times, in order to achieve the desired control effect.