What kind of crops applied to Diflufenican?

- Apr 10, 2018-

(1) Cereals: The application of metaflumizone on the pre-emergence and post-emergence application of winter wheat is safe for wheat growth. If used before sprouting, barley and rye are lightly sensitive, but persistent heavy rain, especially during budding, may cause temporary discoloration of crop leaves, but generally can be restored. Winter wheat is safer than spring wheat, and it is safe on spring sowing grains. Pre-emergence application is safer than pre-emergence application.

(2) Rice: Transplanting paddy fields may sometimes cause temporary chlorosis. In direct-seeded rice fields, the seeds should be closely planted before use to avoid contact between the pesticide and seeds.

(3) Some leguminous crops: white lentils and spring peas.

(4) Carrots: Apply safety in carrot fields.

(5) Sunflower: 100g (effective amount) per hectare is safe for sunflowers.