New Product: Protein Powder (feed grade)

- Oct 28, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: AH-PP

  • Type: Nourishing and Balancing Nutrition

  • Main Nutrients: Functional Feed

  • Yellow Powder: Completely Soluble

  • Trademark: AH

  • Main Ingredient: Protein

  • Shape: Powder Feed

  • Quick Soluble: 20mesh

  • Organic: 20 Mesh

  • Origin: Sichuan, China

Product Description

Amino Acid Compound(feed grade)
Appearance: Yellow powder
Crude protein 90%, moisture: 5%
Size: 20-40 mesh, 98%

1. It can easily decompose absorption in the animal body. Nutrition is obviously better than other soybean meal. By the feed additive using, feed grade protein powder can instead of bean cake, peanut cake, fish meal, can bb achieved by 4~10% effect, high protein content and small molecules, digestibility rate is above 95%.
2. Adding it in animal feed, improve the utilization rate of feed, increasing growth speed, shorten feeding cycle, improving animal digestive function, reducing disease, enhangcing resistance. By balancing proportion of animal acid in feed, can improve feed value, shorten feeding period, and achived good economic benefit.
3. In aquatic feed can promote the growth of phytoplankton. Fish, shrimp, improve crude protein content in fish and shrimp, increa animal nutrion, reducing complete feed cost.

 Package and Storage:
1 10KG/BAG ,20KG/BAG, ,200 KG/BAG,,250 KG/BAG,,500 KG/BAG,.
2 Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.

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