New Product: Seaweed Extract

- Oct 26, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: XXF001

  • Certification: ISO

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

  • Manufacturing Method: Mixed Compound Fertilizer

  • CAS No.: 1415-93-6

  • Color: Black

  • Humic Acid(Dry Basis: 5-10%

  • Seaweed Acid: 5-10%

  • Specification: China National Standard, ISO-2001

  • HS Code: 31059090

  • Condition: New

  • Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit

  • Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

  • Release Type: Quick

  • Specifications: N 1-1.5%, P 1.5-3%, K 12-18%

  • Einecs No.: 215-809-6

  • Organic Matter(Dry Basis): 47-52%

  • Size: 0-4mm

  • The Inspection or Certificate: Ccic, SGS, BV

  • Transport Package: 20kg Carton or Bags, 25kg Bag

Product Description


1. Alginic Acid 5-10%
2. Organic Fertilizer 47-52%
3. Nitrogen 1-1.5%
4. P2O5 1.5-3%
5.K2O 12-18%
6.PH value 7-8 of 1% water solution
7.Black brown irregular glake or powder
8.100% water soluble

Product Test:

Algnic Acid5-10%8.6%
Organic Fertilizer47-52%51.2%
PH Value of 1% Water Solution7.0-8.07.4


Product advantages:

Algae organic fertilizer is made from seaweed, by physical crushing, extraction and film drying. Our production process keep multi nutrients like alginic acid, marine brown alga polysaccharides,
 mannitol. miodide, amino acid,vitamin, mineral, auxin, trace elements and other nutritious matter.
It can dissolved rapidly, effective in high activity and with special endogenous hormone. 
Algae organic fertilizer can promote the growth and development of plant, improve the products quality and increase the yield. The Most important is free deep plowing, keep ground temperature, resistant to disease, restraint of root-knot nematode, get rid of trialeurodes vaporariorum and aphid.
-Can be used on fruit, vegetables, fruit trees, grains and crops.
-Natural extract from seaweed, poisinless and harmless, no side effect.
-Can be used on root irrigation or foliage spraying, use as raw material of organic and inorganic fertilizer.
-Root irrigation(yield per acre): 300-500g per lot mix with 1000kg water.
-Foliar spraying(yield per acre):usu 20-40g per lot depends on leaf area. For early crops, diluted concentration is 5000 times; later stage of crops, diluted concentration is 3000 times.
-.Mixed use(yield per acre):200g per lot mix with macroelement; 3g in 15kg water. separately adding with pesticide, about 5000 times.
-Use as raw material, add 10% when producing NPK, add 60-100kg when producing liquid fertilizer depends on application concentration.