The Main Usage Of Anilofos

- Apr 15, 2018-

Systemic organic phosphorus herbicides. The agent is absorbed through the roots and transmitted to the young shoots or leaves, so that the growth of the plants is inhibited, the color turns dark green, sometimes it decolorizes, stops growing, and finally withers. It is used to control monocotyledonous weeds in paddy fields, such as alfalfa weeds, allyl sedges, minced sedges, duckweeds, bovine weed grass, festival grasses, and misty grasses. In the early application of the drug is very good, late application can not be completely controlled. The general amount of 4.5g active ingredient / 100m2, in the grass 2.5 leaf stage (transplanted 4 ~ 8d) application, with EC 3g active ingredient / 100m2 spray, the effective period of 20 ~ 30d, with EC 3 ~ 6g active ingredient / 100m2 is also effective against dryland weeds.