The Using Method Of Diflufenican

- Apr 10, 2018-

1.Wheatgrass in the winter wheat field has a broad spectrum of herbicides, which can control most broad-leaved weeds; the application period is longer and can be applied from the sowing date to early winter; the efficacy in the soil is longer and can be Taking into account the later germinated piglets, laverna, leeks, etc., as well as delayed weeds sprouting in spring, such as wolfberry; efficacy is stable, basically not affected by climate conditions. Application period: It is safe to use before or after the bud, but it is safe for winter wheat. However, heavy rain, especially during the bud period, may cause temporary bleaching of crop leaves, but it can recover quickly. Stronger than barley and rye. This medicine is not registered for oat fields. Spring wheat has poorer drug resistance than winter wheat, and its safety in early postemergence application has improved. The drug is used before the shoots are used alone, and the land needs to be finely leveled. After sowing, the seed is planted closely and then applied. After the drug is applied, the top soil layer cannot be turned.