5.5 Million Tons Of Fertilizer In China

- Jan 23, 2018-

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, China's national supply and marketing cooperation, 12 departments jointly issued the "on the 2018 spring plowing fertilizer production and supply and price stability of the work of the notice" to ensure the supply of spring plowing fertilizer and price stability of a comprehensive deployment.

The notice stressed that "do a good job in the off-season reserve regulation", and clearly pointed out that the country will be additional arrangements for 5.5 million tons of fertilizer light storage task. In this respect, the national supply and marketing head of the Agricultural Production bureau director, China agricultural means of production circulation Association, executive vice President Li Jianping said, fertilizer light reserves on the stability of agricultural market prices will play an important role. According to the introduction, 5.5 million tons of light storage tasks are divided into two batches, and to the smooth operation of the market under the premise of starting the second batch of weak storage task system design, which will help to maximize the stability of the market.