Fertilizer Management Legislation Will Speed Up The Process

- Jan 19, 2018-

In order to further push forward the zero growth of chemical fertilizer use, a few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture held a symposium to organize the responsible persons in the agricultural departments of 17 provinces and provinces to sum up experiences and exchange views on 2016 work, clarifying that efforts should be made to strengthen measures and fulfill their responsibilities and pay close attention to them Mechanism innovation.

The meeting proposed that it will increase its support for demonstration projects of reducing chemical fertilizer efficiency and improving cultivated land quality. It will propose that subsidies for the use of organic fertilizers and policies for improving the quality of cultivated land should be given prominence, and the legislative process of the Regulations on Manure Management and Land Quality Conservation . Pay close attention to various forms of cooperation mechanisms to explore the government to service organizations and service procurement PPP mode pilot to innovate the agricultural cooperation between the establishment of fertilizer reduction and efficiency of national agricultural science and technology innovation alliance and accelerate the conversion of new products and new technologies.

This year, the agricultural departments at all levels will closely focus on the work line of "improving quality and increasing efficiency, ensuring sustainable food supply and increasing incomes", and achieve "addition and subtraction multiplication" to ensure zero growth in the use of chemical fertilizers and achieve tangible results.

First, strengthen the quality of cultivated land construction, do a "plus" to improve quality and weight loss. We will implement the strategy of "storing grain in the ground" to speed up the construction of high-standard farmland, promote the integration of relevant project funds in all localities, and speed up the construction of a batch of high-standard farmland that is protected by floods and droughts and stable production. Vigorously implement the quality of the protection and promotion of arable land, to carry out comprehensive management of degraded arable land, pollution control and restoration of arable land, soil fertility protection and upgrading. Implementation of the protection and utilization of black soil in Northeast China and heavy metal pollution in Hunan comprehensive management of cultivated land, improve the technical mode and working mechanism, and gradually expand the scope of implementation.

Second, the development and utilization of organic fertilizer resources, good "subtraction" alternative to lose weight. Increase support to encourage farmers to increase organic fertilizer. Support large-scale aquaculture enterprises to use organic manure to produce livestock manure, promote large-scale farming + biogas + socialized mode of transportation and fertilizer, and support farmers to build farmyard manure and apply organic fertilizer. Promote straw crushing back to the field, quickly decomposed back to the field, belly to the field and other technologies, research and development with straw crushing, application of maturity agent, soil tillage, land leveling and other functions of duplex work tools. Make full use of the southern winter leisure field and fruit and vegetable garden soil and water water and heat resources, promotion of planting green manure. In conditional areas, guide farmers to use rhizobia agents, and promote legumes nitrogen fixation fertilizer fields.

The third is to promote technology integration and innovation, good "multiplication" synergies to lose weight. In-depth implementation of soil testing and fertilizer application, with fertilizer application as the focus, with corn, vegetables and fruit trees as a breakthrough point, with agricultural cooperation and new agricultural management as the starting point, select 200 counties to carry out fertilizer reduction and efficiency pilot. In accordance with the agro-agricultural integration, the principle of basal fertilizer top-co-ordination, according to local conditions to promote the fertilizer facilities, mechanical top dressing, fertilizer and other technologies. The establishment of 10 integrated water and fertilizer technology demonstration area, demonstration and promotion of drip irrigation fertigation, irrigation and fertilization techniques. Increase slow release fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, biological fertilizer, soil conditioner and other efficient new fertilizer research and development efforts.