Biological Fertilizer

- Jan 26, 2018-

The narrow sense of biological fertilizer, is through microbial life activities, so that crops get specific fertilizer effects of products, also known as inoculation or bacterial fertilizer, which itself does not contain nutrients, can not replace the chemical fertilizer. In broad sense, bio-fertilizer is a kind of biological, organic and inorganic combination which contains both the nutrients needed for crops and the products of microorganism. The large number of fertilizer and pesticide applications for human, the pros and cons, for the abolish, scientists proposed "eco-agriculture", and gradually achieve in the field of less use or not use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides, and the use of organic manure and microbial methods to control pests and diseases.

Agricultural industry standards of the People's Republic (NY 884-2004)

Bio-Organic Fertilizer

2005-01-04 released 2005-02-01 implementation

Issued by Ministry of Agriculture of P.R. China


This standard by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture planting Management department.

This standard drafting unit: Ministry of Agriculture, microbiological fertilizer quality supervision and Testing center, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences soil fertilizer

Institute of Technology, Guangzhou Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd.

The main drafters of this standard are: Shen Delong, Li June, Shin Wangping, Jiangxin, Chen Huijun, Cao Fengming, Guan Dawei, Lili.

Bio-Organic Fertilizer

1 Range

This standard stipulates the requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, labeling, packaging, transportation and storage of bio-organic fertilizers.

This standard is applicable to biological organic fertilizer.

2 Normative reference Documents

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