Corn Seed Fertilizer

- Jan 27, 2018-

The Special corn Seed fertilizer (mouth fertilizer) is a kind of phase coordination fertilizer to ensure the nutrient supply of maize seedling. In China's northeast, north and northwest areas, farmers for many years use of deep application-free compound fertilizer, resulting in a serious lack of nutrients in the soil surface. Because of the shallow roots of maize seedling, mainly depend on the soil surface nutrient supply growth, when the soil surface nutrient deficiency, deep nutrients and seedling root system is not connected, there will be a grave rice seedling stage off fertilizer, slow growth, weak seedlings, lack of symptoms and so on, seriously affect the corn in the later stage and yield. Therefore, the corn seed fertilizer (mouth fertilizer) is an essential link in the modern agricultural fertilization structure, and is the most effective way to ensure the high yield of maize seedlings. For the corn yield lay a good foundation.

"Fertility source" multi-functional corn Mouth Fertilizer (fertilizer) is aimed at the above phenomenon by the Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and soil and fertilizer work experts in accordance with the characteristics of maize seedling needs and carefully developed. The main raw materials used are high activity humic acid, N, P, K, trace elements, phosphorus and potassium synergist, etc. And by the import of beneficial microbial bacteria to produce multistage natural fermentation. Its main function features are as follows:

1, Bym a large number of beneficial active bacteria to promote the release rate of phosphorus and potassium, so that the total nutrient supply at seedling stage, proportional balance, sprout, stem Stout.

2, adding the right amount of ammonium nitrogen to avoid the occurrence of burning seedlings.

3, a large number of magnesium, sulfur, zinc, boron and other trace elements throughout the whole supply of corn growth.

4, high content, high activity of humic acid can be soft soil, promote the occurrence and elongation of maize roots, accelerate root and deep application of fertilizer and absorption, so that the corn growing, early and High-yield.

5, the higher CEC value (salt base substitution ability) can enhance the supply capacity of the nutrients needed in the plant, and ensure the corn seedling not take off fertilizer.

6, the use of: each mu (667 square meters) 6-8 kg, with the planting.