Chemical Raw Materials Classification

- Mar 22, 2018-

According to material source

1, inorganic raw materials, mainly acids, alkalis, salts and oxides;

2. Organic raw materials, mainly various hydrocarbons, such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, alicyclic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons.

According to the production process

1. The starting material is the raw material needed for the first step in chemical production, such as air, water, fossil fuel (ie coal, oil, natural gas, etc.), sea salt, various minerals, agricultural products (such as starchy food or wild Plants, cellulose containing wood, bamboo, reeds, straw, etc.).

2. Basic raw materials are obtained by processing starting materials such as calcium carbide and various organic and inorganic raw materials listed above.

3. Intermediate materials, also called intermediates, generally refer to products produced from basic raw materials in the production of complex organic chemicals. However, they are not final application products and require further processing.