What Are The Types Of Biological Fertilizers?

- Mar 22, 2018-

There are many types of biofertilizers, which are classified as bacterial fertilizers, actinomycete fertilizers, fungal fertilizers, nitrogen-fixed cyanobacterial fertilizers, etc. according to the specific microorganisms in their products. According to their different roles, biological fertilizers can be divided into five categories.

(1) Bacterial fertilizer with nitrogen fixation. Including rhizobia fertilizers, nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizers, and nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria.

(2) Bacterial fertilizers that decompose organic matter in the soil. Includes organic phosphorus bacterial fertilizers and compound bacterial fertilizers.

(3) Decompose bacterial fertilizers of insoluble minerals in soil. Including silicate bacterial fertilizer, inorganic phosphorus bacteria fertilizer.

(4) Fertilizers that promote the use of soil nutrients by crops. Including mycorrhizal fertilizers.

(5) Bacterial fertilizer that resists disease and stimulates crop growth. Including antibacterial fertilizer, increasing production of bacteria such as fertilizer.